Contributing to Plane

Plane is developed on GitHub (opens in a new tab), primarily by the Jamsocket (opens in a new tab) team.

We accept code contributions, as long as they are aligned with our roadmap and vision for Plane.

Before you start working on large PR, we recommend opening an issue to discuss whether it fits the roadmap, and whether we have any planned work that would overlap or conflict with your feature.

Merge prerequisites

We run automated checks against every PR opened. When a PR is submitted for review, these tests must pass before being merged.

These checks are:

  • Tests must pass, including integration tests. See [Developing Plane)(../developing.mdx) for instructions on running tests.
  • Clippy should not identify new issues. Run cargo clippy to check this.
  • The code must be formatted. Run cargo fmt to format it in-place.
  • The plane2/schema/derived_schema.sql file must reflect all migrations. If your PR adds a migration, run plane2/schema/ (see DB Migrations).